About Us

Mei Kong is the place where you can delightfully satiate your taste buds. We have the environment where you can dine in a relaxing way. Providing hygienic food is our top most priority and we strictly abide by the high standards of cleanliness and hygiene. The remarkable blend of health and taste is our peculiar specialty and is an open secret of our immense popularity.

Mei Kong is situated at an ideal location of the city and is conveniently approachable which make is possible for our esteemed customers to comfortably visit us no matter what hour of the day or night the clock is striking.

The sitting arrangement within the spacious hall of restaurant is suitable enough to maintain the privacy of individuals and/or families, groups etc. Tables are arranged in a manner that can accommodate maximum number of people with ease.

In the presence of a vast parking lot under supervision of vigilant guards, dinning in the restaurant becomes a tension-free and pleasant experience.

You can also have the facility of booking your place in advance by contacting on the numbers given below. Our efficient staff passionately serves you to make dinning an ever more pleasant experience.

Our History

We have been following an incessant tradition of best service and unmatched quality since 1972. Mei Kong is distinguished and stands unique in the business with the untiring help of its team members and cordial response from valuable customers who whole heartedly acknowledge our expertise. Our ever increasing graph of customer’s satisfaction is a solid proof of Mei Kong’s tremendous success at a time when this industry has become the most competitive one. The motivational force behind Mei Kong’s entirely new and unique ideology of taste is our diversified client-ship that exhilarates us and keeps us going with the same zeal and zest. We are all set to serve you the most delicious foods with the best ever service.

Successful growth of Mei Kong speaks volumes about its uncompromising attitude on quality and our struggle to introduce foods of exceptional taste. The trust of our clients has encouraged us to plan to extend our services and we are determined to operate from different locations very soon so that you can have an easy access to an unending tradition of taste.



Our Events
Enjoying food in accordance with weather and occasion is really an exciting phenomena. We take special care in designing the events pertaining to food and those add much in your jubilations.

Mei Kong offers 3 most celebrated and exquisite food festivals:
1. Traditional Food Festival
2. Chinese Food Festival
3. Fish Food Festival

In all these food events you can choose from diverse options and can go on a delicious journey without stopping. Mei Kong truly knows the value and importance of traditional foods so we prepare these with utmost diligence and care. Our traditional food festival will freshen your past memories associated with this tradition of food and experience of enjoying traditional food in Mei Kong will further add to your delicious recollections.

Chinese food is main area of our expertise where you will find us second to none.

Wide range of Chinese dishes, with a taste apart is in fact, proof of our claim. You might have tasted fish at various places, now come join us for the beyond comparison savory fish baked and cooked in multiple varieties ever available.

Such a festivity of food will really be an exceptional experience of your life which will definitely compel you to visit us again and again.